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Valdebebas Urban Park

2009. MADRID

An international competition is planned to design the future park of Valdebebas, a green space of 80 Ha (the Retiro has 120 Ha) surrounded by residential development in the Northeast of Madrid, enclosed by large infrastructures,. In this area of Madrid are also concentrated services of the city as the new campus of justice or the fairground of Madrid Juan Carlos I.

The future urban park of Valdebebas is meant to work as a local and metropolitan park simultaneously. It should provide the green space for the nearby neighbours and the intense activity for the urbanites. Besides, the specific dry condition of the castellanean climate makes it necessary to establish a new model for a park design based on a sustainable and ecological approach and away from the usual north european references.

The proposal arranges a collection of 5 landscapes as reinterpretions of the local castellan condition such as agriculture fields, orchards, ponds, woods or pine forest that can adapt to the climate with a low level of mainteance. This landscapes are cut and crossed through the speeed line of an activity track meant for urban bikers, joggers and skaters combining sport and landscape enjoyment. 


Complementing this track, a more romantic and sensitive path of interconnected patio gardens offers fresh and shaded intimate areas in contrast to the hard sun open areas of the agricultural fields. 










Valdebebas Urban park . 

International Competition. Shortlisted



80 Ha

Madrid city hall

Juan Tur, Carmen Paz, Carlos Higinio Esteban


Lourdes Hernández

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