WALK, Architecture & Landscape, is a Madrid based office operating in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape design with an special emphasis on the transformation of cities, which is expressed in the development of projects in the fields of public space, renewal of urban fabric and urban action.

WALK develops projects both for public administration and for the private sector , in close relationship with the clients and external consultants, in projects ranging from the small scale of interior design and industrial design, up to the big scale of the urban design and public space, having architecture as its most common activity. Besides, it collaborates with internationally renowned offices and multidisciplinary teams in the development of singular big scale projects supplying technical and desing assistance


WALK work has been awarded international competitions and its work and projects have been published and exposed in international and national media.

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WALK main focus is the transformation of today cities into livable and human oriented environments with exciting public spaces and meaningful architecture.  Cities to discover , explore and experience the full quality of the urban condition, the beauty of people living together. 


Public spaces are the common good. We pursue the creation of lively and active public spaces, as democtratic spaces where all citizens are equal. A place to meet, interact, enjoy and discover; undefined and flexibe arranging itself to different functions.


Pedestrianism and new mobility. We seek the transformation of movement in cities to soft mobility systems, where walking and biking regain the space that once used to be for traffic. Cities with clean air, sustainable and more healthy  promoting basic public interaction between its neighbours.


Green and sustainable.  Pursuing the creation of  sustainable, comfortable and healthy living environments by means of design , answering to the challenges our societies face nowadays such as climate change, energy issues and demographic developments through a smart and thoughtful approach


Identity and meaning. In an age of constant transformation at an unprecedent speed, we must seek to find narratives which can bring meaning to our places, anchoring them to its context, its traditions and cultural background. 


Bring the local context into first line. Every urban project is born in a constant movement between the direct experience and specificity of the local context, and the global, shared flow of information and knowledge.


Juan Tur Mc Glone (Madrid,1977), director and founder of WALK, is a senior architect and urban designer with more than ten years of experience in the design and implementation of large-scale urban transformations and public space and landscape design. 

Previously to WALK , he was co-founder of MADHOC STUDIO, (2007-2011),  both practices focused in the innovative interrelation between architecture and landscape. His designs have been recognized with award wining entries in international competitions and his work has been exhibited and published in media international and national. 

Parallel to his own practice, he has a steady collaboration since 2006 with Dutch firm WEST 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, where he stands as a Project Architect- Coordinator, leading the design and implementation of urban projects both in Spain and abroad.

He combines his professional activity with teaching practice , being currently the Co-director of the Advanced Urban Design Workshop at the Master in Architecture of Nebrija University, Madrid, and with  the research on urban space and landscape in the School of Architecture of Madrid, where he developes his PhD doctoral thesis on “The Walk in the project of landscape and architecture”.

Paula Abalos Rodriguez (Madrid,1976), is an architect with a wide experience in design and project management , with a focus on the design and implementation of private residential projects both through renovation and renewal of existing constructions and new developments. 

Design Team: 

Lore Rijmenants , architect

Carlos Javier Villar Villalobos, architect 

Deyvi Papo, architect 

(in the past)

Alberto Ferrero, architect 

Marina, architect 

Laura Fernandez, architect 

Ilya Kruglyak, architect 

Jill Kroon, urban designer 

Irene Almazán, architect

Elena Noguera , architect

Almudena Navas , architect

Juan Lopez Navarro . architect

Eva Recio . architect

Sara Encijo . architect

Luis de Frutos . architect

Palak Shah . student in architecture

Chung Hyok . student in architecture



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