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T03 House

2015. MADRID

The renovation of an old ground-floor appartment with a small patio garden set the opportunity to test design ideas seeking spatial continuity between the different areas of the house and new relations between the interior and the exterior patio. A beige-ocre palette of materials and colors is set to emphasise the continuity between inside and outside. 

The client, a young bachelor looking for a functional apartment yet open and large and with visual continuity between all the rooms. The original apartment, a 110 sqm, needed to be rearranged in order to maximise the openness by establishing visual continuity between all the rooms. High sliding doors divide the spaces giving the flexibility to split or connect the different areas depending on the needs. 

All the furniture elements of the house, storage spaces, kitchen and are custom-made with lacquered woodwork in beige tones providing a coherent and homogeneous design all over and achieving a sober and elegant atmosphere for the house. 

The patio terrace is designed as an extension of the house. With big paved surfaces in natural limestone slabs, that can be used for extending the activity of the house during summer. Therefore , it can be Accessed both from the kitchen, providing a breakfast area, as well as directly from the bathroom of the suite. The main bathroom presents a big window facing a dry garden of white gravel, recycled granite big slabs and an existing orange-tree. A space for mediation while taking a bath or an outdoor shower.

The rest of the terrace is a surface for an outdoor living room, with a green wall where climbers will bring notes of colour along the seasons. 

Refurbishment of Apartment




205,00 m2


Juan Tur, Paula Ábalos

Marco García, Almudena Navas

Fernando Andrés Puerto










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