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Hotel Rodina


Grand Hotel & Spa Rodina is composed of a great territory of Mediterranean forest next to the Sochi coastline and where constructions are scattered over the area. A collection of buildings from different periods and architectural styles ranging from classical, Art Deco or soviet modernism. 


In this territory, Building nr3 , one of the bigger structures designed in the soviet times,   stands abandoned and in a derelict condition. 

The project envisions the renovation and transformation of the original structure to transform it into a accommodation building of the hotel, providing space for new typologies of suites , including penthouses on the rooftop. 


The design differs from the original repetitive facade layout by providing a more varied facade that express the different room typologies that co-exist in the building. The facade is therefore is assemble by variations on the room module, changing from terrace to cantilever box to flat facade. 

The facade is therefore transformed into a filter providing different possibilities of getting in contact with the natural landscape in front of it. 

The rooftop is renovated by adding an extra floor of penthouse apartments as well as gardens and a cocktail lounge bar and terrace. 

PROJECT: Renewal of existing rooms building in Hotel Rodina

STATUS: Restricted Competition - 1st prize                        

LOCATION: Sochi, Russia

DATE: 2019                               

SIZE: 12.000 m2                                   

CLIENT: Rodina Hotels                            

AUTHORS: WALK + Askar Ramazanov + BÜROE

COLLABORATORS:  Irene Almazán, Elena Noguera, Palak Sha


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