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Pradera Urbana

2017. MADRID

The Plaza de España is today a traffic node isolated from the dynamics of the city. It has lost its characteristic and emblematic position in the city.

The remodeling of the Plaza will allow to recover one of the hearts of Madrid responding to the needs of the people of Madrid. A greener space, with more shade, pedestrian and with new uses. 


For this we will recover the role played by the Prado de Leganitos, origin of the Plaza de España. A garden on the edge of the city where the locals came in search of fresh air on hot nights. The proposal will recover the social and environmental function of nature, combining it with the insertion of new urban uses that will turn it into a dynamic public space. A real contemporary urban meadow.

To achieve this, the Plaza will reconnect with the city eliminating the road barriers and recovering the pedestrian continuity. New cycle routes along with the reorganization of the public and private transport will promote a clean mobility. The Plaza will connect with the great public spaces of its surroundings, the green spaces of the West side of Madrid, the axis Gran Vía-Princesa and the local fabric of the district of Arguelles.

The Plaza will be a greener space, which will allow Madrilenians to recover contact with nature, contributing to a renaturation of the urban center. It will contain new uses and activities in a wide variety of spaces and areas that make each visitor find their place inside it. From ample spaces to welcome large groups of visitors to the small corners to enjoy in tranquility and tranquility of their spaces. It will have flexible and programmable spaces that will allow multiple activities, celebrations and events throughout the year, with a special emphasis on the cultural character of the Plaza. .

PROJECT: Renewal of the Plaza de España in Madrid

STATUS: International Competition- FINALIST


DATE: 2016

SIZE: 70.240 m2

CLIENT: Madrid City Hall

AUTHORS: Juan Tur, Marco García

COLLABORATORS: Almudena Navas, Irene Almazán, Sara Encijo


VIDEO PRODUCTION: Victor Erice, Helen Martí

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