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Galicia Parliament Access


This proposal establishes a new relationship between Parliament and the city. The new access to the Parliament is made through a square, to create a welcoming space.  The square has segregated areas for pedestrians and vehicles; their access can be controlled by retractable bollards. To ensure safe access for visitors, the pavilion is placed between the Parliament and the access roads. In this way, segregated traffic is achieved between pedestrian visitors and vehicles. The visitor accesses the pavilion to access the lowest level, and making a covered and fully heated tour, without ever crossing vehicles.


The canopy is an extension of the green plinth. It is an almost hidden piece, which adapts to the topography of the place and the sets back in the layout of the Parliament. The lower body is intentionally half buried, covered by a large flat concrete slab. It is elongated and narrow, oriented from east to west, in parallel with the south façade of the parliament and girded between the existing flower bed and the road, illuminated by two elongated courtyards located on the north side. On the lower level, spaces are concatenated in an order from public to private.


The structure of the pavilion is designed with precast elements to reduce construction timing and increase the quality of execution. The aim is to provide a solution with durable, recyclable, quality elements linked to the Galician construction tradition. Hence a combination between the use of concrete and granite, as elements very present throughout the project.


The semi-buried position of the building, the use of prefabricated materials, with a high quality finish, the use of new technologies and low thermal conductivity insulation make the building highly durable and with low energy demand. The pavilion is connected to the energy network of the existing building and the placement of solar panels or other generation sources is not foreseen.


The green cover improves the insulation of the cover and at the same time increases the green surface of the property. The south and west facades have a lattice of vertical slats that protect from the sun. The patio favors natural ventilation in summer that avoids the use of mechanical air conditioning.

PROJECT: Access pavilion and public space of Parliament of Galicia         

STATUS: International Competition                       

LOCATION: Santiago de Compostela

DATE: 2019                               

SIZE: 1.500 m2                                   

CLIENT: Parliament of Galicia                             


COLLABORATORS: Xosé Ramiro Sanchez Carro, Ilya Kruglyak, Lore Rijmenants


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