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2009. ORENSE

The county of Taboadela is formed by several rural centers that form a unit of greater entity, with the city of Ourense as urban center. The study aims to create a rurban habitat, with all the advantages of the rural environment and the contact with nature, along with the advantages of belonging to a city.

The need for a new centrality for the Val de Rabeda is materialized through a landscape element that is referent for the whole valley and represents its identity as a rural community.


A new central forest, such as the Galician forests, serves as a large "green plaza" on a large scale and a forest reserve in an environment prone to future growth. This forest is surrounded by a belt or compact ring where all the buildings are concentrated, avoiding urban sprawl.


This belt  is a model of "rurban" habitat occupied by 1400 dwellings in isolated buildings of various types and sizes integrated in a landscape of orchards and with a parcelization based on rural parceling but with an urban density.


The inner perimeter of the ribbon is a loop boulevard of connections where all the necessary administrative facilities or buildings for the valley are placed. These buildings are attached to the ring road, overlooking the forest, which through this intensity of uses becomes a forest of facilities.









Europan 10, Taboadela

Preliminary design

Taboadela, Orense, Galicia


30 Ha

Galician institute of housing and land

Juan Tur, Carmen Paz, Carlos Higinio Esteban


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