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Planta de Biomasa DH ECO


The proposal for the renovation of the StadtPlatz in Vilshofen seeks to convert this architectural ensemble into a space with a predominantly pedestrian area, where its wonderful architecture is valued. Thus, the reorganization of mobility is carried out to achieve an area of ​​coexistence between the different modes of mobility, pedestrian, cyclist and wheeled traffic, becoming a street with slow traffic and where the car stands as a guest.


Its rearrangement starts from an analysis of the existing situation and its determining factors such as the existing terraces of the restaurants, the CityHall Square, and the requirements from the neighborhood participation process. Priority has been given to improving the conditions on the north side of the square as it has better sunlight, and therefore, the sidewalk has been freed from parking. This enables the creation of new living areas with seating areas, and meeting with the necessary trees to provide shade in summer. On the east side, the demolition of a residential building allows the creation of a small plaza as an anteroom in front of the Stadturm, which makes the transition between Rasputinerstrasse and Stadts platz.

The design of the square is solved through a pavement of granite slabs of different dimensions and a series of curb lines of different widths that draw a geometric pattern on the ground that meets functional and mobility management criteria, but at the same time, it creates a decorative geometric mosaic related to the facade of the buildings, and the fabric of the old town.

This geometric mosaic becomes a stable and flexible carpet that can be adapted to different configurations throughout the life of the plaza.


Responding to the need to make a flexible design in time that can be adapted to different uses throughout the year and over the useful life of the plaza, a unitary family of urban furniture elements has been projected, with a common language and that allow to be grouped into different configurations.

PROJECT: Landscape design for the territory of a Biomass Plan in PAlencia

STATUS: Under construction                        

LOCATION: Palencia, Spain

DATE: 2020                              

SIZE: 600 sqm                                  

CLIENT: City of Vilshofen                            


COLLABORATORS: Xosé Ramiro Sanchez Carro, Irene Almazán, Elena Noguera, Palak Sha


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