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Gran Meliá Huravée


The landscape design for the territory of the future Gran Meliá Huravée in Maldives envisions the creation of a unique experience  based on the creation of the environmental conditions  to enhance and multiply the experience of the visitors in the resort , expanding the possibility of use of the indoor activities. 

The masterplan provides a wide variety of different atmospheres related to the different areas of the resort while keeping a consistent and unified vision for the entire territory. The different subareas can be identified:

- The Welcome Terraces, are a collection of wooden platforms located by the entrance pavilion .

- The Central alley , is an elevated walkway floating over a bed of native ground covers and shrubs and bushes. 

- The Spa Garden, is an enclosed asian garden for meditation and relaxation with the sound of dripping water from a rock .

- The Pool is a natural shaped swimming pool which is flooded by the sea water. And existing reef is included in the design of the pool providing a natural edge to it.

- The jetties, included landscaping of the entrances to the villas proving a customised access to each of them. 

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PROJECT: Landscape design for the Gran Meliá Huravee Resort 

STATUS: Concept Design & Schematic design                     

LOCATION: Huravée island, Maldives

DATE: 2018                              

SIZE: 13.000 m2                                   

CLIENT: Huravee development - Meliá                             

AUTHORS: Juan Tur                      

COLLABORATORS: Irene Almazán, Elena Noguera



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