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A derelict and abandoned industrial plot in the middle of the small city of Ust-Labinsk is to be transformed into a cultural cluster for the local community incorporating a diverse collection of programs ranging from sports, culture, events and food & beverage. 

The project envisions the urban regeneration of the area to transform it into culture hub, a reinterpretation of the social condenser, readapted to a semirural condition. The layout is composed of a collection of pavilions that gravitate around four courtyards which are interconnected by a pedestrian axis. Each of the courtyards has its own character and materiality enhancing a specific use of the space and outdoor programming, (skatepark, event lawn, eating grove, or sunken sport field) . The barn-shaped pavilions relate to the rural architecture of the area and  they provide shelter for the different indoor programs by the variety of shapes and sizes. 

PROJECT: Cultural Hub fo local communities                          

STATUS: Invited Competition                         

LOCATION: Ust Labinsk, Russia

DATE: 2018                               

SIZE: 15.000 m2                                   

CLIENT: Private                             

AUTHORS: Juan Tur, Askar Ramazanov                          COLLABORATORS: Irene Almazán, Elena Noguera, Palak Sha


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