The transfer of the former Central University Hospital of Asturias to a new location  generates a new space of opportunity in a strategic location in the city of Oviedo in the districts of El Cristo and Buenavista. The area, for many years abandoned and without use, stands today as a chaotic collection of isolated single-standing buildings, without a clear urban plan that can give coherency to the overall.

The project envisions the urban regeneration of the area to transform it into a new mixed-use green district, with a greater density and diversity of uses and reconnected with the urban grid and the center of Oviedo through a new pedestrian and cyclist axis called the Cultural Path. It is meant to be a new vibrant and dynamic district dedicated to innovation, which can be a reference on a national and international level.

The HUCAMP proposal envisions  the creation of a new destination in the city organised through  a large public green area, la Campa de Todos (the People´s Field), which is able to organize around it the different uses and programs, combining in a cohesive ensemble, the new buildings along with the conversion of some existing buildings singular of architectural value.

HUCAMP! aims to become a green campus that promotes social exchange and knowledge, and that can be an exemplary design of a sustainable urban development with zero balance of polluting emissions and the reconversion and enhancement of the architectural, artistic and natural heritage.


PROJECT: Cultural Hub fo local communities                          

STATUS: Invited Competition                         

LOCATION: Ust Labinsk, Russia

DATE: 2018                               

SIZE: 15.000 m2                                   

CLIENT: Private                             

AUTHORS: Juan Tur, Askar Ramazanov                          COLLABORATORS: Irene Almazán, Elena Noguera, Palak Sha